Natural Andorra by National Geographic


Andorra's first nature project showcased the country's fauna and flora through audiovisual content created by explorer Jaime Rojo; now we ask ourselves, what is the connection between this environment and the individual.

Andorra Tourism and National Geographic are promoting the project “Natural Andorra, an environment where ideas grow”, an innovation process that aims to respond to the specific challenges facing the country in the field of tourism.

Andorra is looking at ways to improve the impact of the sector on the environment and people, with a particular focus on the areas of health and wellbeing, sport and premium experiences.

The project, led by international and interdisciplinary teams, has carried out intensive research work to address specific tourism issues in Andorra. The new proposals have been developed following the methodology of the innovation process specialist Xavier Verdaguer. The results obtained by the different work teams are innovative and realistic projects.

In parallel with this research work, National Geographic’s explorer Javier Corso illustrated the essence of these problems through the experiences and success stories of three deeply rooted people, such as Josep Areny, Xary Rodríguez and Marta Rosinach.

We invite you to explore it with National Geographic!