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Andorra is a mountain destination that has taken full advantage of the richness of its natural environment to produce first-class local products.

Discover for yourself all that our local producers have to offer. Visit them! You’ll find enthusiasm, professionalism, dedication to the land, innovation, and quality. Try them! Enjoy the flavours, textures and aromas first hand. Don’t let them tell you about it; live it!  

Andorra's high-quality meat is a benchmark in gastronomy, thanks to the best-kept secret of the Andorran livestock farmers: namely, tradition. You’ll find beef with the seal of protected geographical indication (GI), as well as ox, lamb, goat and horse meat with the “Meat of Controlled Quality from Andorra” seal. One company whose products bear this seal is Poltrand, which specialises, as its name in Catalan indicates, in horse meat. At the Principality’s many points of sale and restaurants you can enjoy the fruits of the years of hard work carried out by the Association of Andorran Livestock Farmers. Look for the seal and certificate that distinguish and guarantee the Meat of Andorra!

Cured meats are an important part of our gastronomic produce. A respect for tradition, adherence to the methods of preparation handed down from generation to generation, the quality of the ingredients, and the natural conditions of our environment all combine to produce botifarres, llonganisses, bull and other handmade specialities of the highest quality, such as those made by Cal Jordi and Els Escaubells, which can be found in specialised establishments. 

The altitude and the well-tended land produce treasures such as vegetables and legumes.These products are the result of a commitment to the environment and to organic growing practices that prevent the use of chemical pesticides or herbicides. Houses with a long agricultural tradition such as Can Sona and Cortals Llumeneres, or newly established as Adrimar (Borda Jovell), sell seasonal vegetables and produce and organic eggs, among other local products. The company Biobo also works in this regard preparing traditional dishes with local organic products.

Another local product is chicken eggs. This culinary staple also benefits from our country's climate and altitude. The farms for breeding the birds are located high up, where the hens live freely in the middle of nature. In Canillo L’ou 1900, in the Montaup valley and Agricultura Cal Jordi, in the Coma de Ransol valley. In Sant Julià Can Sona, in the village of Fontaneda in Sant Julià de Lòria.

The artisanal pasta production includes Pasta Natur, which since 2017 has been producing different types of pasta and fillings with quality product from local sources in its workshop in Andorra la Vella. They sell direct to retail and to catering companies. 

Cheese is also part of the country's artisanal products. At Casa Raubert they make various and exquisite specialties of what are traditionally called "shepherd's cheeses" using sheep's and cow's milk. The El Batall cheese factory, meanwhile, produces its specialties only with cow's milk.

Local aromatic plants and medicinal herbs, among which new varieties for culinary use or infusions are sold, such as mint, hyssop, wild thyme, oregano and orange blossom. At Pocions de Lluna Nova, these plants and herbs are used to create artisan cosmetic products using traditional methods. Meanwhile, Capricho de Luna makes soaps using the ancient technique of cold saponification.

Organic jams are produced by El Rebost del Padrí, Casa Gendret and El Pastador following traditional recipes and use only local fruit such as forest fruits, strawberries, raspberries and other types of berry. Mountain honey is a high-quality product manufactured by various artisanal companies, including Casa FolchNaturalis and Autèntic. The different locations and altitudes of their beehives, spread across our regions, lend a wide variety of flavours and textures to the honey products they sell.

In Andorra, you can also enjoy the pleasure of the Aztec gods, chocolate, with a local artisanal stamp. Xocland makes and sells products using top-quality cocoa beans imported from geographical regions with the best protected designations of origin, with a whole host of specialist products that you can sample and buy in their workshop and in specialist stores. 

Nectum is the ideal condiment for salads, white meats and cheeses. It is a natural syrup made from silver fir pine cones and has a texture that is similar to honey. It is also used as a base for preparing various sauces and jams. El Rebost del Padrí has been producing and selling Nectum since 2003.

Andorran wines are the result of the work of the Borda Sabaté 1944Casa BealCasa AuvinyàMas Berenguer and Casus Belli wineries, which have been able to take advantage of the roughness and altitude of our terrain. Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Noir and Albariño are just a few of the varieties to be found among their selection of wines. Sign up for enotourism in Andorra.

Cafè el Conseller is a native producer with more than fifty years of tradition and experience in the roasting of coffee at high altitude, which ensures the final quality by controlling the entire process of the specialties it markets from the beginning.

Asgard produces locally-sourced alcoholic beverages inspired by Norse mythology and the medieval universe.  Their specialty is mead, which they make by hand with various aromatic varieties.

Andorra has become cemented as a place where craft beer is brewed. AlphaBoris and & (And) offer various specialist products made using traditional methods. All of them - pilsner, brown ale, blonde ale, IPA... - have nuances and touches of flavour that give them a unique character and personality. You can taste and buy them in their plants, branch stores and also in various pubs and specialist stores in the Principality.

Ratassia de la Carmeta is a traditional hand-crafted liqueur made from medicinal herbs and walnuts. The recipe has been passed on by the women in the family from one generation to the next.

Wool is the raw material used by Vital to launch its business, rooted in the Andorran livestock tradition. The company manufactures and sells natural wool fibre products made from Andorran sheep wool, such as the shepherd’s traditional blanket, pillow and food bag.

What would you like to try? Whatever you choose, our local products will be sure to surprise you.

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