Els Escaubells

Els Escaubells

Traditional Andorran delicatessen offering selected artisanal cured and cold meats.

Its products are the result of a slow and exacting craft inspired by tradition. The source and quality of the ingredients and the method in which they are prepared are essential characteristics of the company's products, which have been awarded the "Traditional Andorran Recipe" seal by the Government of Andorra for products produced using a traditional recipe.

Els Escaubells originates from the desire to express the country's traditions through its culinary products and habits.

Food speaks a lot about a country. Enjoy products such as cooked 'bull de donja', other varieties of 'bull' ('carnetes' or pig's snout, liver, tongue, kidney and black 'bull'), 'bringuera' cooked pork blood sausage, 'llonganissa' and 'fuet' dry-cured sausages, pork liver paté and fresh and cooked 'botifarra' pork sausages.

Location and contact


Carretera de La Comella, 126-128

(+376) 801 808

info@andorcarn.ad Els Escaubells