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Finca de l’Any de la Part

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Casus Belli is the only Andorra winery in the Valls del Nord. They grow different grape varieties planted at an altitude of 1250 to 1300 m, making them the highest among the Principality’s wineries.

Casus Belli started growing its vineyards in 2010 with several varieties of short-cycle and early ripening grapes, permitting the production of sparkling wines in an area that is mainly shady. The winery’s three hectares of vineyards are spread over a dozen large parcels on the Any de la Part estate and are worked manually and vinified separately.

The dedication and constant hard work of the enthusiastic team at Casus Belli bore its first fruit in 2015, when the first harvest was bottled and sold.

The limited number of bottles has meant that from its first vintage, Casus Belli has been renowned for its uniqueness. Fresh, long, well-balanced and fruity wines with a potent acidity, all undergoing a long ageing process.

Today the Ordino winery constantly and regularly produces three wines: Pinot Noir, sparkling Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, and sparkling Blanc de Noir.