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Lovers of Nordic mythology, medieval fantasy and history, Asgard produces alcoholic beverages using locally-sourced ingredients. 

With a wealth of experience since 2016, it specialises in mead: an ancestral drink venerated by ancient cultures, including the Romans, the Celts and the Vikings, among others. Made in a completely artisanal way, Asgard began by producing drinks exclusively for personal use. A few years later, thanks to an exhaustive learning curve, they decided to market their products to the public and make their mark on Andorra.

Defined as an alcoholic beverage, mead is formulated broadly based on honey, water and fermented yeasts. Its alcohol content  is usually between 4 and 18% and it is known as a precursor to wine or beer.

Although the base flavour of this drink is usually sweet, it can vary depending on the production method used by each producer. Among Asgard’s products, for example, you can find meads made from fruits – such as red fruits or orange and peach, where the sweet taste of honey and fruits is combined with acidity – sweet meads with a strong taste of honey and, for those who love the classic taste of mead, a semi-dry drink inspired by more traditional preparation practices, that leaves a subtle taste of white wine in the mouth. When it comes to alcohol content, Asgard drinks are usually between 13.5 and 15%.

Finally, although Asgard’s distillery is located in the Canillo mountains, at over 1500 m above sea level, its products are sold in various establishments across Andorra, such as shopping centres, shops, restaurants, etc.Asgard’s distillery is located in the Canillo mountains, at over 1500 m above sea level.

Enjoy the most legendary taste with Asgard’s mead!