Created with the idea of offering different experiences in mind, you can enjoy various guided tours in which you'll not only discover Andorran cuisine and more traditional local cooking, but also its history and culture!

The tours are run by Abi Phillips, a professional guide with many years of experience who always looks to offer the very best to visitors. You'll have magical experiences that will captivate all your senses!

CuriosiTours, 5 different tours:

-Walking Wine Tour: on this first tour, you'll visit three different places and enjoy sampling wines from Spain, Andorra and France. The wine tasting will be accompanied by some of the country's traditional cheeses and cured meats. Finally, the experience will be capped off by visiting a bodega, where you'll delight in a limited-edition wine from the Principality.

-Vineyards and Views: This itinerary will take you in a 4WD around the parish of Sant Julià de Lòria, cradle of Andorra's wine tourism industry! In the first cellar, we'll take a guided tour with the owner and oenologist. We'll discover how the wine is produced and taste some of the vineyard's most awarded wines! We'll then go on to the centre of Andorra la Vella, where you'll get to know one of the most passionate families in the world of wine. You'll have the privilege of tasting some of the country's traditional cheeses and cured meats. As a final surprise, you'll be let in on one of the Principality's most closely guarded secrets!

-Tapas Workshop: this tour will introduce you to the cooking of a professional local chef. You'll learn to prepare the finest pintxos and tapes in the Principality. When the cooking workshop is over, you can delight in your own culinary creations accompanied by a good glass of wine! The evening will continue with a night-cap at one of the Principality's best bars.

-Wine and Tapas Experience: this tour starts in the evening in one of the botigues with the best wine selections in Andorra la Vella. You'll discover three award-winning varieties of wines, one from Andorra, one French and one Spanish. You'll then visit one of the country's most iconic tapas places, where you'll find out about the history of Andorran tapes. The experience will, of course, also be accompanied by a glass of wine! This tour starts at 6.30 pm and lasts four hours.

- Smugglers Lunch: finally, our last CuriosiTours excursion is the Smugglers Lunch experience. This particular tour will show you another side to Andorra. You'll witness first-hand how important the country was for smugglers in the past. A 4WD jeep will take you along the old mountain routes taken by smugglers, before arriving at one of the most enchanting rustic locations in the parish of Andorra la Vella. There you'll sample traditional mountain cuisine! As an added bonus, you'll even learn to drink a traditional porró, just like a native!

This experience includes lunch and lasts for five hours. The tour starts at 11 am.

Further information

At CuriosiTours, all our tours take place in the afternoon, with the exception of the Smugglers Lunch, which starts in the late morning.

If you'd like to find out more about Andorran culture, mountain cuisine and the country's most traditional dishes, all accompanied by the best wine tastings, don't miss out on this magical experience!

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