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Andorran coffee shops are noted for their special atmosphere; this is a place where you can enjoy a great cup of coffee and very good food, chat with friends or get up to date with a newspaper.

Countertops heave with piles of freshly baked sweet treats: cakes and cookies, croissants, cocas, Pa de Pessic (sponge cake), Xuxo (croissant stuffed with cream)… all this you can find in the coffee shop Les Delícies del Jimmy or Fleca Font. If you wish to have something savoury, coffee shop Art I Pa or Espiga d’Or offer daily special artisan sandwiches, good tapas, croquettes, omelettes… you can also buy bread or a cake for home. Get some healthy food and drinks and sit at the long, rustic, wooden table in the coffee shop Odei Coffee & Kitchen; big windows make this place very bright. In Santa Gloria you also can enjoy food made with organic products.

The well-known Starbucks Coffee Shop offers free Wi-Fi, a quirky vintage design and a super-cosy vibe. If you haven’t yet tasted your way through the light-bodied and mild flavours of Starbucks coffee to the deep intensity of a Dark roast, you might not realise there is a truly wide world of coffees there to enjoy.

Bring out your inner child by visiting the Muse inspiration Gourmand or Chocolats Leonidas shops. You can taste the passion, creativity and quality in every single praline. Choose delicious chocolate from a great selection. Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or coffee. Treat yourself to something special!

Gelateria Italiana - an ideal place to enjoy summer in the fresh air while tasting a good artisan ice cream.

Coffee houses in Andorra offer great options to those who want to start their day positively or just want to sit down and enjoy a hot beverage and a bite to eat in a relaxed atmosphere.


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