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Located in the eastern part of the Pyrenees mountain range, and bordered by Spain and France, Andorra is a fantastic place to enjoy outdoor activities, culture or leisure. There is a wide range of experiences to suit every taste, but undoubtedly, the automobile museum is not to be missed.

Whether it is with children, family, friends or even alone, visiting a motor museum is always a good choice. It is the best way to learn, become more cultured or expand your knowledge about the topic. Moreover, you get the chance to see and experience all those things you may have read in books, watched on television or searched on the internet.

Despite being a small country, Andorra has a long motoring tradition, which is why its automobile museum is one of the most important collections in Europe. For that reason, we suggest you to visit this exciting place and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Main benefits of visiting museums

As it has been outlined above, visiting museums is one of the best ways to learn about different areas including history, culture or art. At the service of society and open to the public, institutions such as the National Automobile Museum in Andorra preserve, communicate and exhibit the material heritage of humanity. Some of the main benefits of visiting museums are:

They make you feel good

Every time you go on a new experience, you are very excited about it.

Museums educate people

When you visit an exhibition, you have the opportunity to learn interesting stories. There is no way you can leave a museum without gaining some extra knowledge.

They convey us to different times and places

That is one the features that make museums so special, as that is a feeling you could not get any other way.

Museums help us remember that we have a past and ancestors.

It is important not to forget that everything we are seeing has experienced a process of evolution over time.

Why should you visit the National Automobile Museum of Andorra?

This motor museum in Andorra is a cultural centre of reference that shows the evolution of these extraordinary vehicles throughout history, from the Pinette steam engine in 1885 to the 1970s. At this automobile museum, you can see more than eighty cars, sixty motorbikes and more than a hundred bicycles. In addition to this, you can find multiple objects, maps and accessories to find out more about these periods of history.

Andorra’s National Automobile Museum is an ever-expanding cultural centre which has made great progress in the motor museum sector over the past few years. It has developed a specific and innovative structure for tourists and motoring enthusiasts to enjoy a thrilling adventure.

As a motor museum, it focuses on the preservation of vehicles, which is a necessary element for society. Therefore, this exhibition centre aims to consolidate itself as an international reference institution for research and conservation of one of the most important and historical elements of human development: the automobile and its industry.

If you would like to know more, click or press on this link to view all of the information on opening hours and prices.

Guided tours are offered and they last 40 minutes, approximately.

With no doubt whatsoever, the National Automobile Museum of Andorra is worth seeing. Come and join us in this time travel!

Museum is on the list of the Andorra Museum Passport, Andorra Museumpass.

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