Church of Santa Creu

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This church, which dates back to the 14th century, was built in the style of the ancestral homes of the time in Andorra. The building supports are in memory of the first church built by Santa Elena, in the Calvary of Jesus.

The belfry has a similar style to those of the churches of Saint Michael of Prats, Saint Jaume de Ransol, Sant Pere del Tarter and Sant Bartolomeu de Soldeu: all of the supports are of the style of the ancient Andorran houses of the 16th Century.

Inside you’ll find a large altarpiece from 1739, which is dominated by activity at the centre, where you’ll see the Crucifixion of Christ, along with the Virgin Mary to his right, and Saint John the Evangelist, to his left. The latter two feature a high degree of relief.

The Holy Father is depicted at the very top, on the pediment.

Holidays and Celebrations

Like every year, on 14 September, the “Exaltation of the Holy Cross" is celebrated.

More information: Tourist Office of Canillo.