Church of Sant Martí de Nagol

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It is a very small chapel you reach along a path from the village of Nagol. The Church of Sant Martí de Nagol is rectangular with a simple, semi-circular apse. It is first mentioned in a document from 1048 in the parish. Its singularity lies in the fact of being located inside the cliff on one side, and overhanging the valley on the other; also the position of the westward facing apse and the entrance to the east, its location making access impossible from any other side. In 1981, the Cultural Heritage services started the reconstruction that we can now see. Two excavation campaigns were necessary which, in addition to allowing us to recover part of the original altar, the pillar base and the sacred stone, brought to light remains of pottery, coins and a necropolis. More information: Sant Julià de Lòria Tourist Office.