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The Casa de la Muntanya is a space designed to provide information, promote and advertise activities and events which take place in the mountains.

An information centre that facilitates collaboration between private companies, the public administration and various research and innovation organisations, with mountain and sustainability-related elements. A Mountain Living Lab that helps to develop and implement initiatives, such as new snow management measuring and monitoring systems, in partnership with research centres, including the CENMA (Catalan acronym for the Snow and Mountain Studies Centre).

This facility, opened in June 2020 along with the Ordino Tourist Office, takes on even more importance given that the Ordino Valley has been named a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, as part of its ‘Man and the Biosphere’ Programme. Biosphere Reserves are the ideal spaces for seeking and promoting solutions that balance biodiversity conservation sustainably with economic development, research and education. The Vall de Sorteny Nature Park is a protected natural space that is now part of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves.

The Casa de la Muntanya is located in Casa Ferino, a building in the traditional mountain architecture style in the middle of Ordino’s Carrer Major.  Its facilities are spread out over three floors, with various separate spaces.

Visitors to the Tourist Information Office, situated on the first floor, can find information on the parish’s and Andorra’s tourist attractions. The Office provides access to the Discovery Zone: an open area where visitors can experience the mountain in all its facets in an interactive way, through various dynamic elements such as touch screens and an interactive model of Andorra that displays mountain trails, peaks and valleys, among other features. This space is complemented by a virtual reality area, where Andorran mountain landscapes can be seen as well as a projection area.

The Casa de la Muntanya also houses offices for Ordino Parish Council’s Tourism and Environment Departments, with the aim of carrying out interdisciplinary work can be carried out there.

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