Andorra la Vella Cultural Route


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Green Ring interpretive routes

Andorra la Vella offers you the chance to explore the Anella Verda, a circular route along the sides of the mountains surrounding the capital, interpreting the agricultural and livestock transformation of the valley and the mastery of the water.

Geology Open Museum. Rocks in the Street

Discover the Geology Open Museum, also known as the Rocks in the Street Museum, in Andorra la Vella’s Central Park.  You will see the Garden of Rocks while strolling through the park to see Andorra’s geological diversity. The visit is complemented with a geological route and a route through the granite architecture of the streets of the capital.

Cultural route around the capital

History, tradition and culture strolling through the historic centre of the capital and visiting the architectural, sculptural and pictorial legacy.  Delve into the past of Andorra la Vella.

Night route around the historic centre

Throughout the summer months, there are night-time dramatised tours featuring a host of characters, who will show you a much more entertaining way to discover the history and legends of the parish.

The characters you can meet include Don Francisco de Zamora, a judge from the Royal Court of Barcelona in the late 18th century, who will give you a glimpse into the lives of the Andorran people from that era; the Saint, the Russian and the Count, who will show you some of the more unusual locations within the city; and the three characters from the “Journey through the History and Legends of Andorra” route, who, as the name indicates, will tell you some of the city’s fascinating stories and legends.

Guided routes require advance booking as spots are limited: Andorra la Vella Tourist Office. However, if you prefer to go on your own, you also have free access right from the tourist office, where you will find free guides for the itinerary. 

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