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Despite being a small country, Andorra has an optimal health system that is able to provide high-quality service to the entire population.

The country not only has a well-equipped hospital with a large capacity, it also has various health centres and a network of pharmacies, shops selling health products and other specialist establishments.

Medical centres in Andorra

Medical centres are primary care centres where you can go for minor medical emergencies attended that do not require special materials or specific medication. There is at least one medical centre in each parish, with highly-qualified staff:

  • Medical centres in Andorra la Vella:

La Sardana Primary Care Centre

Andorra la Vella Primary Care Centre

Santa Coloma Primary Care Centre

  • Medical centres in Escaldes-Engordany:

Escaldes-Engordany Primary Care Centre

Fiter i Rossell Primary Care Centre

  • Medical centres in Encamp:

Encamp Primary Care Centre

Pas de la Casa Care Centre

  • Ordino medical centre:

Ordino Primary Care Centre

  • La Massana medical centre:

La Massana Primary Care Centre

  • Canillo medical centre:

Canillo Primary Care Centre

  • Sant Julià de Lòria medical centre:

Sant Julià de Lòria Primary Care Centre

Pharmacies and other specialist centres

In terms of pharmacies, thanks to the country’s excellent geographical location, Andorra has a comprehensive supply service for both medicines and other specialist products. You’ll thus have plenty of alternatives to meet all your needs, including dietary products, food supplements and nutritional supplements, personal hygiene items, beauty products and even specialist products such as orthopaedic aids, among many others.

In addition, if you prefer a more natural alternative, you’ll also find homoeopathic and naturopathic products in Andorra, as it has a wide variety of centres specialising in natural and traditional medicine.

It should also be noted that all of our centres have highly-qualified medical staff and, if necessary, there is also a 24-hour on-call service available. You can check which pharmacy offers the service today.

Find out about our pharmacies, health product stores and specialist centres and choose the one that best suits your needs here.

In Andorra, we look after you and your family!

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