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Ordino is one of country most unique zones. Interaction between humankind and nature is patent in the Ordino area and over time has yielded an identity that has been preserved to this day.

This identity was acknowledged internationally in 2020 when UNESCO officially designated the parish as a biosphere reserve, making Ordino a UNESCO mountain protected area. As such it was automatically integrated into the European Network of Biosphere Reserves, specifically as a mountain reserve. In 2022, it joined the World Network of Mountain Biosphere Reserves.

Ordino is an ideal destination at which to enter into direct contact with nature, as it abounds with unique landscapes like those in the Sorteny Valley Natural Park, an area that has been protected since 1999 and lies in heart of the biosphere reserve. It offers several mountain itineraries that can be taken with a guide and upon which you can enjoy a rich floral variety of over 800 plant species, 50 of which are endemic to the Pyrenees. The park is a Ramsar Convention site and is in the Council of Europe’s Emerald Network for biodiversity protection.

A visit to the parish will present you with the chance to discover numerous testimonies to this interaction first-hand: from forges, mills, orris (animal pens), cabins, chapels and churches, to festivals and traditions such as the “fallas” and the summer solstice fire festival, or the performance of “L’última ossa d'Ordino” (The Last Bear of Ordino), both of which are on UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage.

Riberamunt” (Upstream) is a tailor-made route upon which to discover the human and natural landscape of this biosphere reserve. This trail follows the river for 15 kilometres from the town of Ordino to El Serrat, and  takes in the Sorteny Valley Natural Park and Arcalís. The “Riberamunt” route can be taken on foot, by bicycle or by local bus for which there is a special ticket allowing you to make as many stops as you like along the way.
Ordino preserves an invaluable legacy that is accessible to all and can be explored at any time of the year in its towns and districts, which offer top quality tourist and leisure facilities that blend in harmoniously with the surroundings.
Further information is available on the official biosphere reserve website and at Casa de la Muntanya in Ordino.

Ordino: Named One of the World Tourism Organization's (UNWTO) Best Tourism Villages

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has granted the town of Ordino the Best Tourism Village award. This international recognition celebrates Ordino as a rural destination which is committed to nature, the environment and sustainable development through tourism, which serves as the main axis of the parish's development.

Thanks to its effort and eagerness to value local tradition and culture, Ordino has managed to preserve cultural resources of "great relevance", such as Casa Rossell and Casa d'Areny Plandolit, and recover cultural events such as "L'ultima ossa d'Ordino" (The Last Bear of Ordino), which UNESCO has granted the status of intangible cultural heritage, forming part of the transnational regarding project Bear festivities in the Pyrenees. 

And as a result of the parish's firm commitment to meeting all aspects of the Sustainable Development Goals (economic, social and environmental), Ordino also enjoys the distinction of being declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, with its most emblematic area being the Sorteny Valley Nature Park. 

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