Skiing with the family at Ordino Arcalís

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If you want to learn to ski or perfect your technique, it will be really easy at the Ordino Arcalís resort.

Ski schools

Thanks to a team of professional and multilingual instructors (approved by the EFPEM) at the resort, you can choose the classes and activities that best suit your level: skiing, snowboard, freeride, telemark skiing, or freestyle. These classes are for adults and children from the age of 6 and up.
For those skiers with a very high level, they can also request the “off-piste classes” at the resort’s freeride school, renowned for hosting one of the trials of the Freeride World Tour. At this school, young and old alike become experts, they obtain a very high level while perfecting their technique and safety. They will also gain knowledge about mountain rescue.

If you still want to continue learning or improving your technique, the resort offers a Magic Ski pass so that you can enjoy packs of 14 to 24 days, which are suitable for all ages (minimum age 3 years).

Kids Forest children's circuit

At Ordino Arcalís ski resort, let your little ones blow off a little steam at the Kids Forest, a family-friendly space next to the forest which has been specially designed with their fun in mind.

Made up of a series of modules and obstacles of different sizes, the circuit is overseen by the four characters representing the different skiing and snowboarding levels required for the route: Mona the marmot for beginners, Bo the wood grouse for those who have started to gain a little confidence, Vulpi the red fox for medium-ability children, and last but not least, Nae the Pyrenean chamois for kids with a more advanced level.

Nurseries and snow garden

The resort also has a nursery located at the foot of the slopes for children aged between 1 and 4 years. This is also accessible from the parking areas. The youngest of the family can draw, play in the snow, listen to stories, see children’s films with their favourite characters, and much more! You won’t have to worry about anything. Your young children will have a great time while you are enjoying your day skiing!

If you feel like doing other activities, the Ordino Arcalís resort also offers other ideas to enjoy the snow with your family, such as snowmobiles, trips on a Gica, snowshoeing, and much more!

If you’d like more information, please visit the official Ordino Arcalís website.

Enjoy the snow like never before as a family at the Ordino Arcalís resort!

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