Path of Legends in Mon(t) Magic

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Mon(t) Màgic has stories and mysteries that you can only discover on the Path of Legend: the White Lady, The Battle of Setúria, The Cross with Seven Arms, etc. are just a few of the fables you will be able to listen to during the interactive path.

The activity takes place in Mon(t) Magic Family Park, in Canillo, between the Forn Restaurant and the children’s area. Here you will discover Andorra’s legends represented by the imaginary characters of Mon(t) Magic!

An interactive itinerary

Throughout the path there are different stops, one for each legend, where besides reading the fables in situ, you will also be able to listen to them directly: the information panels have an audio system that reproduces the tales in different languages (Catalan, Spanish, French and English).

This itinerary is perfect for the whole family to enjoy, as the path is easily accessible: children and adults can walk together while they discover our legends.

Both the entry and the activity itself are free; therefore, you will only need the pedestrian pass, the same one that gives you access to the whole Mon(t) Magic enclosure.

See the calendar, opening times, and more activities for the whole family at the Mon(t) Magic Canillo website.

What about you? Do you know all the legends of Andorra?


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