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Andorra is simply stunning - a tiny jewel in the Pyrenees with so much to see and do, three National Parks to discover, and some of the best hiking in the whole of Europe. Its mountains, lakes and stunning scenery are all there for the taking - this principality has so much on offer for tourists and visitors. And one of the best ways to take it all in is on foot - so grab an Andorra hiking map and make sure you don't miss a thing.

Andorra maps hiking

With its jaw-dropping scenery and fabulous location, Andorra is a paradise for nature-lovers and walkers, and an Andorra hiking trails map is a must for keeping on track and making the most of the experience when you're getting around. These incredibly handy information leaflets are full of all of the info you need for your hikes around the principality, so you can choose the level of difficulty depending on your experience, or who's in your group - this is an activity for all the family. Other significant stats are the gain in elevation and altitude - remember, Andorra has gorgeous valleys and 65 peaks of over 2,000 metres, so it's perfect if you want to add a bit of extra resistance to your hike. These leaflets also tell you all you need to know about the incredible diversity of the plants and animals you may come across en route - so keep your camera ready!

Information about Andorra's six GR’s, or long hiking trails, is all there in the leaflets, hikes that allow you to really go for it and immerse yourself in the landscape, with treks of more over 300km. And if you want to show off about your route-tastic accomplishments, there's even a Huts Passport you can get free from the Andorra Tourism Office. Get it stamped in huts along the trails as you go, and if you get stamps for the whole itinerary, there's even a Diploma and gift - what's not to love? There are also shorter treks to enjoy, of around 40km, and trails spanning Spain, France and Andorra (Three Nations Route), and the Volta als Llacs, around Andorra's stunning lakes. Some of these landscapes, such as the Vall de Madriu-Perafita-Claror, are so incredible that they've even been given UNESCO World Heritage Status.

Accommodation for all – Andorra hiking trails map

If you need somewhere to stay while hiking in Andorra, there's accommodation to suit all tastes, requirements and group sizes. Why not try one of the many mountain lodges dotted along the trails? You can either stay at a manned station, with a full range of services for hikers, or at an unmanned station in more remote areas, with some truly stunning options.

Alternatively, if you like to get nestled into nature, staring up at the stars, Andorra's hiking trails have a wealth of campsites to choose from, in all areas and at all altitudes. Or if you're hankering after a little more luxury, there's a fantastic array of hotels, spas and wellness centres too, so you can hike to your heart's content, then treat yourself to some serious rest, relaxation and self-care.

The trails are also dotted with dozens of picnic sites, ideal for spending quality time with friends and family, while drinking in the jaw-dropping surroundings. The facilities here are first-class, with everything you need for the perfect al fresco meal, including barbecues, water taps and plenty of comfy seating areas.
All of the information you need and so much more is there in the Andorra hiking trail maps - with these little maps, hiking in Andorra is a piece of Pyrenean cake - lace up those boots and take those maps hiking!

You can purchase the Camins d'Andorra hiking guide in paper format with 101 itineraries at any Andorran Tourist Office for €7. (Guide edited in CAT, ESP, FRA and ENG).

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