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Andorra Escapeland

Come and discover Andorra’s history and culture through the enigmas of Andorra Escapeland.

Test your wits in the eight games of this challenge, with which you can discover and explore the geography of an entire country.

All the games take place at outdoor locations in the seven parishes of Andorra and at Pas de la Casa. They are based on different themes associated with historical events, curiosities, traditions and local items of architecture.

Andorra Escapeland games
The Curse of the Devil, Canillo
The Way of the She-bear, Encamp
The Trader’s Secret, Pas de la Casa
The Taxidermist Magician, Ordino
The Battle of the Shepherds, La Massana
The Enigma of the Statues, Andorra la Vella
The Challenge of Illustrious Figures, Sant Julià de Lòria
The Miracle of Water, Escaldes-Engordany

In each, you are required to solve different enigmas that will lead you to the final code of each game, which you must decipher. The corresponding tourist office will validate that code and also stamp the project passport. Seven stamps from the games in each parish (at Encamp you can decide whether to play the Encamp game or the Pas de la Casa game) entitle you to play the Escapeland Final. The Escapeland Final enigmas need not be solved on site, as the game combines items from the game box with online support from the Andorraescapeland website.

Click on this link to find out all the details of each puzzle and come and play!

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