Church of Santa Coloma


Church of santa coloma

Its circular bell tower is unique in Andorra. The Church of Santa Coloma is in the village of the same name, in the parish of Andorra la Vella. Pre-Romanesque in origin from the early 10th century or earlier, with a rectangular nave covered with a wooden support structure and a quadrangular apse. The 18-metre four-storey Lombard-style circular bell tower was added in the 12th century, being the only of its kind in the Principality and one of the few of such characteristics in the Pyrenees.

The building was decorated with 12th century Romanesque mural paintings by the Master of Santa Coloma. These paintings left the country in 1930 and were recovered by the Andorran government in 2007. Now in the church, we are only left the Agnus Dei flanked by two angels and the geometric decoration of the extended arch.

Now the new technologies make it possible to virtually recreate the mural paintings of Santa Coloma Church. Up to six projectors will be reproducing in their original locations, the arch, apse, and frescos painted by the Mestre School of Santa Coloma.  

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It also conserves a multi-colour wooden bust of Our Lady of Remedies (12th to 13th century) and a baroque altarpiece (18th-century) under the avocation of Santa Coloma, the patron saint of the church. Its location gives us a chance to enjoy the old village of Santa Coloma, and the Russians’ Tower which, planned by César Martinell, is one of the examples of granite architecture in Andorra. Very nearby is the little church of Sant Vicenç, very interesting to complete the whole tour.

Free entrance. Guided tours from mid-July to mid-September. The church can be visited on Andorra Tourist Bus route 2, from June to September.

More information: Tourist Office of Andorra la Vella.

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