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Using the wool of sheep that live 1,000 metres above sea level helps to preserve the traditions of the Pyrenees.

The backbone of the Pyrenees stretches out from the Mediterranean all the way to the Cantabrian Sea. For centuries, this geographical area has had its own cultural, agricultural and spiritual identity. Despite its small size, Andorra is a huge part of this extensive geographical entity and its rich heritage.

The Vital project was born with a view to promoting the identity of this small country. Its first initiative has been to save sheep’s fleeces from destruction when the animals are sheared every spring.

Mountain people have always used this natural fibre as clothing to protect from the cold and as a raw material perfect for a comfortable bed.

At Vital you’ll find a range of products made with natural woollen fibres from Andorran sheep. These items are designed to preserve and transmit the spirit of the rich livestock farming culture of Andorra in particular and the Pyrenees as a whole.

Featured Products

Cape: the original Pyrenean shepherd’s cape, with an updated design and texture and made entirely from Andorran wool. This is one of the latest handmade pieces that Vital has added to its catalogue.

Tapaboques: a blanket traditionally used by Pyrenean shepherds to protect themselves from the cold. It reproduces the design and texture of the original and is made entirely from wool, without any dye.

Shepherd’s cushion: made from linen fabric and stuffed with 100% Andorran wool, this cushion is inspired by the woollen fleeces that shepherds carried with them when they led their herd out to graze. Traditionally, it was always accompanied by a tapaboques.

Morralet: these handmade cotton bags were used by shepherds to carry food and other provisions when they went up into the mountains.

Online store
Vital works in partnership with different cultures to create a space without borders. To this end, its catalogue includes traditional products of Peruvian origin such as ponchos and the jackets worn by the shepherds of the altiplano.

In addition to the online store, you can also purchase these products at the tourist offices in Andorra la Vella and Sant Julià de Lòria.

Visit the Vital website and discover the full range.

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