El Pastador

El Pastador

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c/ de la Closa, 3. Casa Joanet

(+376) 353 209

Harvesting blackberries at an altitude of 1,300 metres guarantees unparalleled jams.

Traditional recipes and respect for natural, local products are the foundations of El Pastador's production.

This small family company is the heir to a tradition of 100% natural jam, preserve, jelly and chutney production, making products with no preservatives or colourings.

El Pastador, of Casa Joanet, is located in Sispony (La Massana). The combined workshop and shop is where you'll find a full range of high-quality, original recipes and flavours: from classic jams such as blackberry and raspberry, to original creations such as strawberry with orange, or savoury products such as spicy roasted red pepper, bittersweet onion, and several varieties of chutneys You'll also find their products distributed in various specialist shops around Andorra.

If you like jam and you’re interested in learning how it’s made, then the El Pastador company workshop is for you! You can choose the fruit for your jam, learn how to make jam using your fruit and how to put it into jars when you’re done. All participants will take home the jam recipe they used as well as a 150-gram jar of their own jam. Enjoy!

In recognition of their dedication and artisanal production processes, El Pastador, based in Casa Joanet, has been awarded 3 prestigious international prizes as part of The World’s Original Marmalade Awards. Their marmalade won them a silver medal, while their lemon marmalade and orange and raspberry marmalade earned them two bronze medals.


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