04 de June - 04 de June

Sólala led by Cristina Medina is an invitation to smile, a classic of comedy being performed at the auditorium of the Palau de Gel in Canillo on 4 June.

It is not easy to explain this work as the plot seems to tell us that it has to be a real drama: the story of a poor woman, mother of quintuplets with her husband away in the war, a landlord who harasses her to pay the rent and who only suffers misfortunes... But the presence of Cristina  Medina (La que se avecina, Tele5) turns it into an unclassifiable comedy!

Don’t miss the chance to see and laugh at this new show, the receiver of the Best Show Award at the 24th Tàrrega Theatre Fair and Audience Award for the Best Show of the 7th International Humour Festival of Madrid.   

Video: https://youtu.be/nUmu2T1HUZw

Place and date: Palau de Gel auditorium in Canillo, Thursday 4 June 2015. Show in Spanish.

Ticket price and sale: €20 (17 with Carta Magna and Carnet Jove) at Illa Carlemany and Palau de Gel d’Andorra. Tel.: 753 624; biblioteca@canillo.ad; salespolivalents@canillo.ad.

Organised by: Commune of the parish of Canillo, with the collaboration of Illa Carlemany and the Palau de Gel.

Localização e contacto

Auditori Palau de Gel