21 de June - 30 de September

Over seventy paintings and sculptures pay testament to the vitality of this artistic movement.

The Tobacco Museum is displaying a collection of hyperrealist work by some of the best artists from this artistic movement. The exhibition is made up of over seventy pieces, most of which are paintings, though there are also various sculptures on a wide range of themes, including landscapes, still life, the urban environment and the human figure.

Hyperrealism emerged in 1970s USA as a response to and reaction against abstract and conceptual art, and was inspired by the trivial themes and banal, everyday nature of pop art. 

The artistic representation of reality has gained great importance in our society. Now, with cutting-edge technologies within reach, hyperrealism continues to develop by exploring new ways to capture reality with a level of precision that often transcends our own visual capabilities. 

Location and dates: Tobacco Museum, until 30 September 2018. Free admission.

Organisers: Tobacco Museum - Old Reig Factory

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Museu del Tabac
Sant Julià de Lòria