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At, get detailed and up-to-date information on the slope conditions in Andorra, with images taken by webcams at each resort. Of course, you’ll also find information on Naturland, the only resort in Andorra dedicated to cross-country skiing. Here you’ll see lots of information, such as access conditions, snow depth and other info you’ll want to know before leaving for your destination.

Real-time information on the resort

As you can see at the bottom of this page, the Naturland webcam offers live images that are updated almost every minute. It gives you a small window into this nordic-skiing resort, letting you know what the sky’s looking like, snow levels and slope occupancy. The images show two sectors: one at 1,600 metres and one at 2,000 metres. At the bottom of each image, you’ll see the recording details with the date and time indicated.

On the left, there is a simple graph with up-to-date information on the resort. It tells you the percentage of slopes open, for instance, showing them with a coloured circle. You’ll also see the conditions of the slope access points and a reference to the current climate at each resort. Finally, it also tells you today's expected maximum and minimum temperatures. The information on snow type and thickness is a basic piece of information for all skiers.

Cross-country skiing in Naturland:

Lovers of nordic skiing in Andorra won't want to miss the only resort in the Principality that specialises in this discipline. It’s quite a unique space, as the slopes are inside a multifunctional enclosure, whose main function is as an eco-park and adventure park. The cross-country trails are in the highest area, located about 2,000 metres above sea level, and they have parking available. The sector provides all the basic services for a cross-country skier, such as equipment hire huts and café-restaurants with menus offering seasonal dishes.

This original resort also even has its own ski club and a school, whose instructors offer courses for all levels with different durations. You can enjoy an intensive course over several days, perfect for visitors from other parts of Andorra or other countries. You’ll also find guided excursions with instructors from the centre.

The 1,600 metre section, perfect for recreational purposes

Although there are other entertaining activities, such as descents in tubby, minitubby and Tobotronc in the Naturland upper sector, the area at 1,600 metres is devoted to the adventure park, and doesn’t have any cross-country skiing tracks. Some of the attractions you’ll find in this area are the Airtrekk, consisting of a wooden structure 45-feet high to put your sense of balance to the test, and buggy circuits for all ages. More information on the park's website.

Tickets and passes:

The park offers a variety of tickets. With the single-entry ticket, you’ll get access to all the activities at the cota 1600 level (depending on availability), the tobotronc, snowshoe hire, etc. This ticket is only available during high and shoulder season. During low season, activities are selected individually according to availability.

For cross-country skiing, you can choose from a day pass, a two-day pass or a season pass if you prefer. This pass only grants access to the activity, however; equipment hire (if required) is charged separately.

Other activities such as ‘fat bikes’, snowmobiles, ski lessons and guided excursions on snowshoes are not included in the single-entry ticket or the pass.

Remember: all activities can be selected individually and children under the age of 7, adults over the age of 65, groups, large families, etc., are entitled to discounted prices.

Find out more information on these and other offers at Naturland!

Hours and additional information:

Naturland is open from 9 am to 5 pm during the winter season, from late November to mid-April, and from 10 am to 6 pm (extended to 7 pm in August) during the summer season, from mid-May until early November.

The centre will remain closed in November and April (from the middle until the end of the month in the case of April) for maintenance and servicing.

Please also note that Cota 1600 and the Tobotronc will remain closed during low season months as well.

See all the centre’s hours and availability here.




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