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Grandvalira in Andorra is the biggest ski resort in the Pyrenees and Southern Europe. It has 139 runs covering 210 km and offers a range of hotels at the foot of the slopes.

The Grandvalira ski resort is the ideal place to ski for families of all sizes, solo skiers, couples or groups of friends, and children of all ages are always more than welcome, too! Grandvalira is located in the North of Andorra and features a total of 64 chairlifts and cable-cars, which will take you up to a maximum altitude of 2,640 metres (8,660 ft) above sea level. The Andorran ski resort consists of six different skiing sections and the skiable domain is of 210 km (130 miles). Grandvalira is not only one of the largest ski resorts in the whole of Europe: it’s perfectly located for any kind of skiing holiday, with easy access to a wide range of hotels and apartments.

If you’re looking to start skiing for the very first time you’ll want a resort where you’ll be able to slide down wide, long slopes, such as those colour-coded green and blue, of which there are plenty at Grandvalira. Before you set off, ideally while planning your ski holiday, do make sure you double check the weather forecast for your specific travel dates, to avoid any surprises. We also recommend checking the opening times, current status and latest news of the ski slopes at Grandvalira while planning your trip, and ski beginners should pay particular attention to the green and blue slopes that are open at the resort during your trip dates. These slopes are the most suitable for absolute beginners, as they are especially designed to be wide and with a very small gradient (incline). There are even entire ski areas at Grandvalira dedicated to beginners in the sport!

Do also remember to bring with you all the necessary equipment for your holiday, including snow clothes, a hat and sunscreen and of course specific ski equipment such as boots, poles and skis. Do note that many of these items will also be available at the ski resort itself, for purchase or hire, together with members of staff on hand to assist you and guide you in your selection, particularly if you’re skiing for the very first time.

Grandvalira Ski Resort

Grandvalira in Andorra is the biggest ski resort in the Pyrenees and Southern Europe. It has 138 runs covering 210 km and offers a range of hotels at the foot of the slopes. The ski area is divided into seven different sectors: Canillo, Soldeu, Pas de la Casa, Encamp, El Tarter, Peretol and Grau Roig. There are various different access points between Encamp and Pas de la Casa. Most of these can be used by people with reduced mobility.

Among the many services on offer at the resort are equipment hire stores, a reservations centre, restaurants, snack bars, terraces and barbecues, a Wi-Fi zone, snowparks, kids’ trails, baby clubs, crèches and a variety of snow-based activities for non-skiers... The season begins at the start of December and ends around mid-April, depending on the weather.

With the recent addition of the Ordino Arcalís resort to Grandvalira, Grandvalira Resorts was born, a skiable domain that covers more than 240 km (Ordino Arcalís with 30.5 km and Grandvalira with 210 km), offering its guests a world of benefits. From now on, with the Grandvalira or the Ordino-Arcalís season passes, you can move about the largest skiable domain in Southern Europe with just one pass and no restrictions.

But if you only want to go just for the day, then the Ski Pass Plus+ is your best option. This pass gives you access to the two skiable domains of Grandvalira Resorts (Grandvalira and Ordino Arcalís) but with some very interesting pricing conditions: you only pay for the days you ski, with a 15% discount for the second day!

Activities at Grandvalira

And now, for greater convenience, you can top up your pass. You can book one with your purchase and have it sent to your home.

Check out the live webcams on the resort’s official website: see aerial images of different sectors in Grandvalira!

One of the activities on offer at Grandvalira is mushing, or skiing by dog sled, which can be enjoyed in summer and winter alike! For snow lovers, there are two different routes available, taking you on the Riba Escorxada (Grandvalira-El Tarter) circuits and to the Adventure Activities Centre (Grandvalira-Grau Roig). Mushing rides are also available, either with an expert guide or steering the sled yourself. The Valls d’Orient area offers fun activity packages for the whole family, such as our ever-popular “Nordic Adventure”, which combines a 90-minute mushing tour with an hour on snow bikes.

Snowshoeing, on the other hand, is a fun, safe and enjoyable activity for participants of all ages! We have routes suitable for all experience levels and, for beginners in the activity, no training or lessons are required, so you can get stuck in right from the start! Our routes are very flexible and allow you to choose your own difficulty level and duration, according to your own personal ability and preference.

You can also choose to go on a route together with a guide, or on your own. There are plenty of guides available in the area. Do check our comprehensive listings guide to active tourism companies and organisations at the following link.

Restaurants to suit all tastes are also available at the resort. There are around 60 premises offering everything from self-service to table-service, “good fast food” and dinners in the mountains.

Slopes and sectors

If you’re keen on trying out snowshoeing, bear in mind that another great snowshoeing spot in Andorra is the Pal Arinsal ski resort, one of the most comprehensive snow and mountain destinations in the Pyrenees with 63 km (40 mi) of ski slopes. The resort is fully equipped and ready to welcome skiers and snowboarders, families, couples and groups of friends. Note that the Pal Arinsal ski resort is divided into different skiing resorts, Pal and Arinsal, spread out over the La Massana valley. Both sectors are connected by cable car, although each sector has different access points.

Ski passes and tickets

Request further information from Grandvalira directly and choose the pass that’s best for you.

Practice snowboard and live an experience in Grandvalira. And what brings you to us? All kinds of things... that feeling, that sense or that experience, that is uniquely yours and that keeps you coming back year after year. Whatever it might be, you'll find it at Grandvalira!

The largest skiable area in the Pyrenees with a total of 210 km across 139 slopes means guaranteed fun. A place where you can feel that inexplicable feeling you get when you're out on the snow surrounded by the mountains.

With a single Grandvalira ski pass, you can ski at both these resorts for the duration of your package.

1 DAY SKIMO/SNOWSHOES MOUNTAIN PASS: this is a pass for lovers of mountain skiing and snowshoeing, Grandvalira offers a daily ski pass to enjoy both modalities. You can access without limitation nine mountain ski circuits available and the areas designated for the practice of snowshoes. It includes the use of the lifts enabled with one rise and one descent per day and per lift.

1 DAY SKI PASS GRANDVALIRA: with the day pass you can access about 210 kilometres ski from any of the seven sectors, except for partial openings.

To access to the slopes, a ski pass is required even if it is free.

When purchasing a ski pass, do note that ADULT passes are suitable for ages 18 to 64, JUNIOR passes are suitable for ages 12 to 17 and CHILD passes for ages 6 to 11.

If cross-country skiing is your activity of choice, then the Natura pass is the perfect option for you. With this global pass, you'll be able to practice skimo or snowshoeing at all of the resorts in the Principality: Grandvalira, Ordino Arcalís, Pal Arinsal and Naturland, you decide!  In addition, this pass also allows you to use some of the resorts’ ski lifts, with one cable car return trip per day and per lift included, while you’ll also be granted access to special routes designed just for this activity.

Opening hours

The resort’s official website contains full practical and visitor information, including the conditions of the slopes, snowfall, live webcams, etc. You can also check the weather forecast. The resort opens at the start of December and remains open until the end of the season, at the end of April.

Grandvalira is the best place you can imagine, a paradise for ski in Andorra. Organise your snow holidays, weekends and breaks, and enjoy an unforgettable experience. Welcome to Grandvalira, The Domain of the Snow. Check out the official website for information about our environmental commitment, World Cups, Grandvalira’s history and slopes map.

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