Casamanya Extrem 2023


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Pic de Casamanya

This vertical race is firmly established in the trail running calendar

The 8th edition of this famous mountain race, in which participants clamber to the finishing line atop one of the most iconic peaks in Andorra, Casamanya, will be held on the second Saturday of June.

The race is part of the new Andorra Cup of vertical races, the mountain race cup and the Catalan Cup of vertical races.

Race schedule
Casamanya Extrem, a 5 km-long route which starts at Plaça Major in Ordino, with a total ascent of 1,440 m, this is the event’s most legendary race.

Casamanya Clàssic, a 3.5 km-long which starts at Coll d’Ordino, with a total ascent of 760 m, this is the most popular route for those who are eager to reach the summit.

And finally there’s Casamanya Mini, a format specially designed for children aged 11 and up who are just getting started in the world of mountain running. This route, which also sets off from Coll d’Ordino, measures 2.4 km long and has a total ascent of 400 m.

Place and date: Ordino, Saturday 10 June 2023.

Organised by Estripagecs Mountain Events, with collaboration from No Límits and support from the Ordino parish council.

For all information on registration, the different routes and the schedule, please visit the race’s website.


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