Desde 29/06/201702/07/2017

Centre històric, Andorra la Vella ( Andorra-a-Velha )

The Jambo Street Music Festival, one of the most dynamic musical showcases of the Principality, consolidates with the celebration of the 4th. edition, which comes full of surprises.

Mark the first weekend of July on your calendar so you don't miss out on Jambo Street Music's live music and laid back atmosphere. The music starts on Thursday 29 June and doesn't stop until the afternoon of Sunday 2 July. The old quarter of Andorra la Vella, which is a place full of character and tradition, will be brimming with live music (and all sorts of culinary delights), as there will be six different stages scattered along its streets and squares: Plaça Guillemó square, Cap del Carrer street, Plaça Rebés square, Plaça Príncep Benlloc square and Placeta Monjó square. Visitors and locals alike will be able to enjoy all kinds of live music, ranging from pop, rock, folk and rumba to choral singing, flamenco, Latin jazz, jazz fusion, bossa nova, swing and indie bands and singer-songwriters. The JSM is a unique cultural festival suitable for all audiences, which has undoubtedly made its mark on the Principality's music scene while showcasing the country's emerging artists. The festival has gradually attracted more foreign artists, which has helped it carve out a place for itself beyond our borders.

More than 30 artists are scheduled to play in this year's edition of the Jambo Street Music festival, including Quimi Portet, the guitarist, composer and co-founder of “El Último de la Fila” (just to name his most well-known project), and the pop duet Clementina, which is quite the revelation among the new generation of Catalan musicians. Among the national artists taking part in the event, the participation of one of Andorra's most renowned bands, “Vª Columna”, is particularly significant, as current and former members of this pioneering band will share the same stage, to the delight of their fans. As a bonus, Sergi Blanch, winner of La Fada Ignorant's first singer-songwriter contest, will release his EP “Dies de Sal”.

If you fancy hearing American-style rock, Copa Lotus, from Vilanova, will be playing at Jambo Street Music; as will upcoming 17-year-old artist Paula Valls, who continues to establish herself, concert after concert, as an exponent of rhythm and blues and who will be singing songs from her album “Black and White”. For a more energetic act, the group Punkers Love The 80’s, which sprung up at the start of this decade and is comprised of musicians having previously played in other Andorran bands, will also take the stage. The performance of Landry Riba is also a much-awaited event: he'll be presenting a very personal show that mixes work and fun with field recordings, classical strings, alpine bass and a touch of electronic music, creating a blend that is sure to surprise you!