‘Petits Monstres’


19 November - 19 November

‘Petits Monstres’ (Little Monsters) is presented on the program of the 47th Theatre Season at the Claror Audirorium in Sant Julià de Lòria.

Since its appearance in the Festival Grec 2013, Marilia Samper’s Petits Monstres has grown into a feminine comedy that makes an x-ray of the fears, obsessions, eccentricities and forms of being of a whole generation from 30 to 40 years. A reflexive and vibrant story full of black humour, with a giddy rhythm and faithful performances.

Anna (Vanessa Segura), who is about to turn 40, has neither trade nor profit, is single and lives with her parents. She cannot stand the world in which she lives and the world cannot stand her. Now her idyllic shitty life is threatened by her sister’s (Marta Arana - Mireia Piferrer) return home after a separation from her partner (Jordi Andujar - David Vert)... It is time to get the ‘Little Monsters’ out from under the bed, but this time with powerful fans behind them.

Place and date: Claror Auditorium in Sant Julià de Lòria, Thursday 19 November 2015 at 9.30 p.m. Tickets €22. Work in Catalan.

More information, tickets and season ticket sales:
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Centre cultural i de congressos laurèdia de Sant Julià de Lòria. Tel.: (+376) 744 044. Àrea de Cultura, Centre cultural La Llacuna d’Andorra la Vella. Tel.: (+376) 730 037. Commune Tourist Office, Plaça de la Rotonda, s/n, d’Andorra la Vella. Tel.: (+376)  730 003.
Theatre ticket office from one hour before the show starts.

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