“Lo Mandongo”


20 January - 25 February

The 10th edition of “Lo Mandongo” invites you to La Massana to sample the menus and recipes with pork in the spotlight until 25 February.

La Massana starts a food-filled year with the winter culinary event “Lo Mandongo”. The word refers to the combination of meats and additives used to prepare pork products on the day of the slaughter, which is held at this time.

In this edition, participating restaurants of the parish offer menus with pork dishes. At this year’s “Lo Mandongo”, you will also find dishes using other local products, ranging from traditional recipes to more modern and creative ones with influences from other cultures. And as with last year, several establishments have added calçot spring onions, which are also a winter product, to their menus.

See which restaurants are participating in “Lo Mandongo 2018” by clicking on this link (in catalan).

Bon appétit!

Location and dates: La Massana parish, from 20 January until 25 February.

Further information: La Massana Tourist Office. Tel.: (+376) 853 693.

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