Excalibur Race


22 September - 23 September

The Excalibur Race is changing its venue and dates; the 4th edition will be held at Naturlandia in September.

This year’s event, to be held on the weekend of the 22-23 September, will count for the Spanish and French leagues, and will classify participants for the OCR European Championships.

The competition programme will have two races: Excalibur Mitic and Excalibur Sprint, and a novice race for ages 4-10, Excalibur Kids. Excalibur Mitic will be held on a 15-km circuit with 25 obstacles. The race will be run on Saturday morning. Excalibur Sprint will be run on Sunday morning on a 5-km circuit with 15 obstacles.

Excalibur Kids will take place on Saturday afternoon on a closed circuit with all the requisite safety measures. The kids, under their parents’ care, have to overcome some 10 obstacles. Excalibur Mitic and Sprint are open to athletes in the Elite and Amateur categories.

Excalibur Sprint is open to “Party” competitors. These entries are not timed or penalised, as participants take part purely for the fun of it.

Location and dates:  Naturlandia, 22 and 23 September, 2018.

More information and registrations:
tel. (+376) 800 555

Местонахождение и контакты


(+376) 800 555