Landscapes of Canillo

С 01-02-2022 по 30-06-2022

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Espai Galobardes

(+376) 753 637

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The first temporary exhibition at the new Espai Galobardes in Canillo comprises a retrospective of the artist’s depictions of the parish’s landscapes

With the title “Canillo seen through the eyes of the Andorran landscape”, the exhibition brings together around 50 works by one of the pioneers of Andorran painting.

Over the course of his long artistic career, Francesc Galobardes Carbonell often took his easel to various natural beauty spots around the parish.

The works on display include a broad selection of winter scenes: indeed, snow was one of the elements that most captivated the artist’s gaze and paintbrush.

Location and date: Espai Galobardes, Canillo, until 30 September 2022.

For more information and opening hours visit the website.

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