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Del 7 июня al 28 сентября

The culture and traditions of the continent of Africa, mosaic of culture and ethnicities, here for you to see until September at CAEE.

The exhibition hosted this summer by the Escalades-Engordany Art Centre (CAEE) will bring you closer to the art of the continent of Africa, the cradle of humanity and, it is said, guardian of our future.

The exhibition Art Africa - Heartbeat of Humanity, allows you to enjoy some 140 works from the collection of Ramon Abad, doctor and lover of Africa, of its people and of its cultures and traditions. The works exhibited form a rich artistic mosaic of the most diverse ethnicities and regions of the continent.

Masks, statues, fetishes and other diverse objects, all anonymous and undated with no specific source given, will take you to the heart of Africa. Their strong and serene beauty will bring you close to ancestor worship, the values of tradition and the importance of spirits.

Place and dates: Escaldes-Engordany Art Centre (CAEE), until 28 September 2019.

Visit the Escaldes-Engordany website for the full programme of activities scheduled around the exhibition Art Africa - Heartbeat of Humanity.

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