“La Pista”


27 de November - 27 de November

“La Pista” (The Floor) is performed in the Theatre Season at the Communal Theatre in Andorra la Vella.

“La Pista” tells the story of 4 couples taking part in a dance Marathon, each one from different places and for different reasons; for fame, for pleasure or trying to assure a future for themselves. The toughness of the meeting is taken to the limit. Where do the human boundaries lie? Where each person’s limits are and what mechanisms do they use to stretch them further?

Dance contests became popular in the 1930s in the USA during the Great Depression. David Maqueda, the manager, summarises 45 days of marathon in this hour-long drama. A piece where it is not difficult to finds parallels with the situation today or with television reality programs that trade with the disgraces of those who come on (for money)...

At the Communal Theatre in Andorra la Vella on Friday 27 November 2015 at 9.30 p.m. Tickets €20€. Show in Catalan.

More information, tickets and season ticket sales:
Centre cultural i de congressos laurèdia de Sant Julià de Lòria. Tel.: (+376) 744 044. Àrea de Cultura, Centre cultural La Llacuna d’Andorra la Vella. Tel.: (+376) 730 037. Commune Tourist Office, Plaça de la Rotonda, s/n, d’Andorra la Vella. Tel.: (+376)  730 003.
Theatre ticket office from one hour before the show starts.

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