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Esports Elit is a mountain guide company with over 22 years’ experience in the sector, which offers you the chance to do numerous open-air activities, in both winter and summer.  The business is located in Canillo, next to the main road in the centre of the parish.

Summer activities:

Via ferratas: if you like climbing walls, with Esports Elit you’ll be able to do it with maximum safety. With two perfectly differentiated levels, you can choose the via ferrata that best adapts to your requirements. This means that you can decide whether you want an activity that lasts between three and four hours—for an intermediate level— or a four or five-hour trail if you have reached a higher level.

MTB routes: exploring mountains by bike will be very easy with Esports Elit. Thanks to their experience, they offer several routes suitable for mountain bikes or e-bikes, if you would rather do a more sustainable activity. These excursions last between two and three hours, and the trail is between 10-15 km. However, if you would like to do a longer trail, the centre also has routes that take five hours to complete. The activity includes the bicycle, helmet, gloves and it is for a minimum of two people.

Hiking trekking: If you enjoy walking in the mountain, don’t hesitate to request a guided tour. It will give you the chance to see the flora and fauna of our wonderful country for yourself, as well as some of the most incredible and lovely landscapes in the principality!  You can choose between trails that last half a day or a whole day, although if you’re a real trekking enthusiast, you can book a five-day excursion, where you will learn everything about the Orient and Nord Valleys.


Themed walks: If you come in a group and you like nature, these excursions are ideal for you! You will enjoy diverse trips that last about two hours, walking through the country’s most emblematic valleys, learning about the vegetation, as well as the animals that live there. Forests, lakes, paths... a whole country to be discovered. The themed walks are a perfect activity to enjoy with your partner, your friends or with the whole family!

Winter activities:

Snowshoeing: if you like the snow and walking in the mountains, book your snowshoe tour!  Diverse tours of between three and four hours, where you will enjoy discovering the charm of Andorra’s snow-covered mountains. However, if you would rather do the tour at night or enjoy an excursion under a full moon, the company also organises nocturnal excursions that last about two hours. Advance booking is required.

Skimo: have fun doing unforgettable tours with a team of professionals and discover the unique places in the principality with maximum safety. There are are two different trips, depending on your level: the beginner’s category, which requires a good foundation in Alpine skiing, and a second level to practise technique, aimed at people who have already reached a high level. The latter lasts between four and five hours.
Telemark: are you an enthusiast of this Norwegian technique? If this is the case, then you need to know that Esports Elit also offers a guidance service for this activity! The company two types of guidance: initiation and improvement. Both proposals last about three hours and participants need to be proficient Alpine skiers. The material is included in the activity.

Shop and rental service

Esports Elit does not only offer guided activities, it also provides a rental service for the material you require to do the activities. You will find a range of articles for skiing, snowboarding, skimo, snowshoeing and telemark, road bikes, MTB and e-bikes.

In Esports Elit you can also buy material for your winter activities, as the company has a shop where you will find articles by Telemark, as well as items for ski mountaineering or snowshoeing.

Esports Elit, much more than mountain guides.

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