E-Natúram is a florist's that implements a new concept of selling flowers, plants and decorative items. With their wide range of items, you'll find everything you're looking for, from bouquets, indoor and outdoor plants, and floral arrangements to home decor items, furnishings, and more.

E-Natúram is highly in tune with their surroundings and the environment, and the plants they sell are grown ecologically, using as few chemical products as possible. All its plants are grown locally in Andorra or brought from local markets.

The E-Natúram flower shop is proud to provide services to both companies and individual customers: they can handle your floral arrangements for private celebrations or ceremonies, as well as providing the flowers for other types of events, be it for parties, festivals or anything else you might need.

And that's not all; while this florist's handles all your flower and plant needs, it also offers a wide range of home decor items as well as various furnishings, all made with natural materials.

Finally, customers will be excited to know that the E-Natúram store follows an innovative sales concept and incorporates online sales: you can purchase all its products and services from the comfort of your home!

E-Natúram, a flower shop designed to suit you!


Locatie en contact


Parc de la Mola, 7

(+376) 823 233