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Caprabo Illa is how the Illa Carlemany shopping centre’s supermarket is known. It is a great option for purchasing foodstuffs and household items, and citizens of Andorra and groups of tourists alike choose it for their everyday shopping. It is located on the ground floor of the precinct, next to clothes shops and restaurants.

Caprabo is one of the most prestigious supermarket chains in Andorra and in Spain. It has two stores in Andorra, one in La Massana and the other in Canillo. At 1,800 m2, this supermarket is extremely spacious, and perfectly organised to provide a seamless, swift shopping experience.

What does Caprabo Illa Carlemany have to offer?

Like the other supermarkets in the chain, Caprabo Illa Carlemany specialises in food products. Inside you will find numerous shelves featuring packaged products, brik containers, drinks, tinned goods and international items. Here you will find a large fruit, vegetable and fresh produce section. It also has a fishmonger, a butcher and a cold cuts section, whereby products may be bought by weight; these include ham, chicken, tuna, cod and many more, all of which are carefully selected and conserved.

Another of the advantages of shopping at Caprabo Illa is that it offers many promotions to its customers. To the constant offers available, we must add the loyalty programmes, which operate mainly through the Mi Club Caprabo scheme. Users receive coupons and many other advantages, especially in some sections, such as Wine, which is one of the sections offering the widest selection within the supermarket. Furthermore, the company provides a personalised customer service experience and a modern service that is adapted to the times. Good examples of this are Click&Collect—whereby staff members place the groceries in the boot of the car after having ordered it online—, and the home delivery service.

Reaching the shopping centre

The Illa Carlemany shopping centre, where this Caprabo Andorra is located, is right in the centre of the country; it is in Escaldes-Engordany, but bordering the capital, Andorra la Vella, as all that separates them is a street, Carrer de la Valira. The access road is pedestrianised, but it has numerous parking facilities and some bus stops in the vicinity.

And of course, because it is within the shopping centre, users benefit for the precinct’s services. For instance, its parking facilities, which are accessed through Carrer de la Unió. Parking is free of charge, although a minimum purchase of €20 is required; this is then verified through the customer card. Furthermore, this modern commercial area has lifts, travelators, public toilets and numerous leisure and cultural activities available. A good example of this is that it has the only permanent cinema in the Principality, where large international releases are shown on occasion.

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