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Gicafer is an activity company with many years of experience under their belt. Thanks to the knowledge gained and their constant development over the years, today the company has a broad and varied selection of both winter and summer activities!


Gica or Gica Snow?

The Gica (or Gicafer)  is without a doubt one of Gicafer’s star products. It is a repurposed ex-military caterpillar vehicle dating back to 1973, used today as a tourist vehicle. Driven by an expert guide, you'll enjoy an excursion which will take you to some of the most iconic spots in the Ordino Arcalís resort. You’ll be fascinated by the Port del Rat cave, which is now lit up, allowing you to see the impressive stalactite and stalagmite formations. It's an activity that you can enjoy as a family or with friends, as it can carry up to 17 people, including children from 5 years of age.

We also have the Gica Snow, which has a similar system, but is only for the most adventurous guests! With its completely innovative shape, it's a combination of a tank, a scooter and a jet ski, among other things! It has a four-stroke petrol engine and is the perfect way to bring out your more adventurous side as you practise daring turns. The unique thrills you'll experience are sure to get your adrenaline going. 
Snowshoe walks

For the hiking lovers among you, Gicafer offers you the chance to continue your favourite activity in winter! All you need to do is put your snowshoes on (you can reserve a rental pair through Gicafer), wrap up warm and get ready to have a great time! The excursion will be led by a specialist guide, who will arrange all the details of the outing, as well as ensuring your safety.

Similarly, for those who want to go one step further, Gicafer also organises night-time outings under the full moon. If you'd like to go on one of these excursions, you'll need to bring warm clothing, gloves, a headlamp, a warm hat and Gore-Tex footwear.

Drive a snowmobile!

If you're looking for something more exciting, Gicafer gives you the opportunity to have a go on a snowmobile! With four different options, from complete beginner level to the most advanced, you'll be able to drive the vehicle yourself and pump up your adrenaline to the maximum! You'll discover some of the most unusual spots in the resort, including the famous Port de Rat cave, which is now lit up, where you’ll be fascinated by the stalactite and stalagmite formations.


Gica or Gica Snow in the summer

As we said above, both Gica and Gica Snow are all-terrain vehicles that operate in both winter and summer. So, even if you've done the winter excursions, don’t miss out on the summer experience. You'll be able to enjoy the flora and fauna in all its splendour!

Quad excursion for the whole family!
Gicafer offers various Quad excursion options, which you can do either alone or as a family.
-Quad excursion in the mountains:  If you enjoy thrills and love nature, this will be the perfect combination for you! You'll go on fully personalised outings, making your way through dense forests, crossing streams and enjoying the best countryside nature has to offer. These excursions can be combined with lunch or dinner up in the mountains. Ask us for more information and enjoy the experience to the full.

-Mini quads for the little ones! Your child will be able to drive their own vehicle around a marked and enclosed circuit, following the directions of one of our instructors. Although the vehicle is motorised, the speed has been capped and the activity is completely safe for children. This activity is suitable for children aged 7 and above and the meeting point is La Coma in Ordino.

-Visit Roc del Quer by Fun Quad: Finally, if you're not such a huge fan of the mountains, but you don’t want to miss out on a Quad outing, Gicafer also offers Fun Quad excursions. These take a road route up to the Roc del Quer vantage point!

4x4 Jeep Excursions
Jeep excursions are suitable for the whole family. You’ll take a tour around the natural landscapes of our valleys, whilst also discovering the local flora and fauna. The vehicle will be driven by a professional guide, who will explain all the details of the places you visit along the way. During the tour, you'll pay a visit to a typical mountain borda (traditional cabin refuge), where you'll have a small refreshment, giving you an energy boost for the homeward journey.

Check out Gicafer and be amazed by their huge selection of activities!

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