Freeride downhill: Alt de Juclà

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6,6 km




+54 m / -821 m

Start point: Depending on the snow conditions in mid-winter from Incles bridge at 1,750 m, at the beginning of the valley; in spring at La Baladosa bridge at 1,880 m. If the start point is the beginning of the valley at Incles bridge, we have to climb the whole of the road to La Baladosa bridge for around 30 minutes, and then turn eastwards, following the valley and the indicators to the Juclà mountain hut. It is best to climb in the shade, where we will always find more snow to make climbing easier. In around 2 hours we reach the mountain hut and from here we go west across part of the Juclà lake northwards, where we see the Alt de Juclar peak and the possibilities it offers us for the descent. After a 1-hour climb we reach the peak; only in the last 200 m will we have to use crampons and ice axes as it becomes steeper.

Descent: An easy descent; in the first 150 m we find a gradient of 40°-45° with some short section of 50° without further problems, the face widens to allow us to enjoy the descent and the views of the Juclà lake. It is an eastern slope so the snow changes fast and the conditions can vary. With a good snowfall we can do a series of southward descents instead of returning to the hut, and so take advantage of the descent that gets us back to the Incles Valley. If the conditions are not suitable, we will have to descend the same way we came up.

Parking area: (42°35'8.70"N and 1°39'52.47"E).

Drop: 40-45°

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