By Ski Bike or Snow Scoot? At Ordino Arcalís, the choice is yours!


Thrill seekers can now enjoy testing out this Austrian invention in Ordino Arcalís. The new activity combines the delights of both skiing and cycling. It’s one not to be missed!

The snow trikes and snow bikes are fitted with skis so you can glide along the snow and steer wherever you want to go using the handlebars. They are easy to ride and you only need a few basic instructions before starting your descent. Wearing waterproof boots is strongly recommended. With practice, you will be able to gradually make things harder by going down different pistes on this curious trike. This unusual activity is sure to give you some unique thrills.

If you're a BMX fan, you can also try out another fun activity at the resort, as Snow Scoots are available at Ordino Arcalís. Defined as motocross bikes on snow, these vehicles let you perform dizzying spins, jumps and adventurous moves with the greatest flexibility and stability!

You can find Snow Scoots and Ski Bikes at the Ordino Arcalís resort, where they are available for hire. We recommend that you book them in advance. These activities can only be done in a group and wearing waterproof boots is advisable.

As well as snow biking, you can enjoy a myriad of leisure, adventure and sports activities in Ordino Arcalís. Why not try speedriding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, helicopter rides, heliskiing or Gica heated vehicle tours?

Every service you could need is here with restaurants, a downhill ski and snowboard school, a freeriding school and multilingual instructors all available!

For kids there is a nursery for ages 1 to 4 and a snowpark for ages 4 to 8. The resort has 2 shops, parking, picnic areas, ski stores and left luggage office. It also provides a free continuous bus service between key locations in Andorra and the foot of the slopes.

Ordino Arcalís has everything you need for a great time with family, friends or a romantic trip for two!

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