Build your own igloo

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Top professionals will teach you all about the history behind igloos and help you as you experience making your own. You’ll learn about the two ways of building them: placing pre-cut blocks of ice in a spiral formation, or compacting snow. The latter is, according to experts, the most common, and so that is what is used at Grandvalira, given the snow quality in the Pyrenees.

You will have nearly an hour and a half to build your own igloo as a group. You’ll place a balloon at the base of what will become the igloo, and then throw snow on top of it until it is compact and solid.

Once it solidifies, you just have to remove the balloon, make the final touches, and you’ll have a finished igloo!

This activity is located in Grandvalira in the Grau-Roig sector. However, if you’d like to enjoy a full ski day, you can also do this activity once the lifts close; you’ll just have to book ahead of time to reserve your spot.

How can you resist building your own igloo?