Kobido Massage at Nutrireset

Massatge kobido a Nutrireset

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Kobido, which means "ancient way of beauty", is essentially an aesthetic massage that helps recover and balance your entire body's energy. Legend has it that it was one of the favourite therapies of Japanese empresses. When performed in combination with shiatsu techniques, it not only gave them porcelain skin, but it also imbued them with harmony and allowed them to regain inner balance and peace throughout their entire body. 

By applying controlled pressure to certain points, the kobido massage works on the muscles of the face and neck, relaxing the areas that suffer most tension and helping to repair facial tissue. Your face is rejuvenated, your wrinkles are reduced and your skin is instantly more luminous, hydrated and smoother.

This massage also forms part of the "The Art of Skin Care" programme in which you will also learn how to highlight your beauty with natural make-up, be aware of what you eat and apply the "less is more" philosophy when shopping!

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