Japanese facelift (KOBIDO) at the Ikebana Centre

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Also known as KOBIDO, this Japanese facelift is, as customers often say, a poem for the skin. Based on different movements, the treatment features a ritual involving a whole series of elements to ensure its complete success: rhythm, cadence, feelings, etc. are all part of the Japanese facelift process. Manual movements are likewise applied to the muscles of the face, to activate circulation and, therefore, collagen and elasticity. The massage drains, detoxifies and oxygenates the skin and makes it firm, fresh and luminous. In short, the skin is instantly rejuvenated.

This treatment is given at the Ikebana Centre and lasts for around 60 minutes. At Ikebana there are also professionals with extensive experience who will assess your circumstances and recommend the best treatment for you. Visit their website and find out about this and what else they have to offer.

Restore your skin’s youthfulness at the Ikebana Centre!

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