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Forest bathing, also known as Shirim yoku, is an activity designed to enhance well-being that originated in Japan. It consists in walking slowly through a natural environment, in order to disconnect from daily stress and return the balance to the body and mind. Based on this well defined concept, above all it involves taking in the atmosphere of the forest, using all five senses.

An activity suitable for all ages

Adapted for all ages, the activity involves walking through natural environments, whether they are at the foot of the mountain or in the middle of forests or woods. In this regard, you don’t have to cover a specific distance or walk for a certain amount of time, nor do any kind of physical effort. However, despite its simplicity, forest bathing offers our bodies numerous health benefits: it has been proven that switching off from everyday life, enjoying a leisurely stroll in silence and leaving thoughts and worries to one side all help lower levels of stress and anxiety.

You will enjoy a stroll around the forest, feeling the splendour of nature, taking in all the details surrounding you. There is no doubt that forest bathing is a perfect activity to do with your family, friends or colleagues during a team-building day. You will activate your body, mind and soul!

A practice that strengthens the immune system
Since ancient times, humans have spent most of their time surrounded by nature; consequently, it is no surprise that our body feels more in harmony and full of life when we are in contact with it. In this regard, forest bathing will remind you of this feeling, while intensifying the ties with our essence.
As a result, the activity will strengthen your immune system at all levels: not only will it reduce stress, anxiety or depression, it will also diminish or improve other minor ailments. Its numerous benefits include balancing the nervous and arterial system, as well as intestinal activity, and it can even reduce the risk of heart attacks.  This activity also encourages attentive listening, creativity, sharing and intuition.

Moreover, forest bathing is a perfect way to promote and discover our immediate environment in an increasingly urban society that has lost touch with nature.

Enjoy forest bathing with us

If you would like to try it and/or find out more, please not that in Andorra there are several companies that organise forest bathing:

  • My World of Experiences: ‎you will enjoy a relaxing walk in natural surroundings, complemented by stretching exercises, meditation, chakra alignments, self-massages and mantras, while working on your breathing at the same time. Although the name of the activity refers to ‘bathing’ it is not obligatory. Nevertheless, participants are invited to bathe, provided the weather is good enough.
  • Wellness Experience: with a perfect combination of green and natural spaces, you will work with your five senses, creating a very special link with nature, providing you with a plethora of health benefits that will improve your health, vitality, energy and more. This activity is for groups of between 2 to 10 people, led by a professional at all times, who will explain everything to you during the walk.
  • Be forest: if you’re with small children or prefer to be in an open natural environment, this activity is just right for you! You will walk through carefully chosen, easily accessible mountains and hills, where you can engage with your five senses and enjoy the restorative silence and calm. The activity can be in either an open and closed group, the latter are for 4 to 10 people.

But that’s not all! If you would like to add something extra to the activity, please note that some of these centres also form part of the tourist offer of the Andorra Health Destination. There you will find a variety of plans and packages of alternative activities, which you can combine with forest bathing, thus increasing your health experience! You'll love this excellent way of disconnecting from your daily routine, while leaving behind the unhealthy habits of a sedentary life.

Last but not least, you should also be aware that you can do this activity all year round and make the most of its benefits at any time.

Why not give it a go?

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