Body Balance at Park Piolets Mountain Hotel & Spa

Body Balance del Park Piolets Mountain Hotel & Spa

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With the Body Balance treatment, you'll find balance and achieve physical and emotional wellness. Like the other training programmes offered at Park Piolets Mountain Hotel & Spa, it is divided into three stages. In the first, you'll get your body into shape in the gym with your personal trainer, who will tailor an exercise routine to your specific needs. In the second stage, you'll follow one of the hotel's spa circuits, enjoying contrast showers, hammams, Jacuzzis and many other options designed to help you relax.

Finally, the third stage will awaken all your senses with a fully personalised aromatherapy massage, whose combination of only the very purest vegetable oils and essential oils creates a transformative experience in which your body, your mind and your emotions will be rebalanced, reaping endless benefits.

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