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Be Forest is a team of professionals who specialise in forest bathing, a very natural health and well-being practice that will provide you with endless benefits!

Forest bathing, an activity for the whole family

Also known as Shinrin-Yoku, forest bathing is a wellness activity from Japan that provides your body with a plethora of physical and mental benefits. With this proposal, you will enjoy a walk in a natural environment, where the only rule is to feel and connect with nature as much as possible, using all five senses. You will be taken on an easy trail, inviting you to look inwards, where the harmony and peace of the surroundings will take you back to your essence. However, although the exercise sounds simple in practice, it is an activity that will renew and activate your body, mind and soul.

Be Forest organises outings for open groups; i.e. anyone can take part (children from 14 years old) but if you would prefer a bit more privacy and enjoy the activity with your friends, partner or family, then you are welcome to request an outing in a closed group. In this case, we accept children aged five and over. Lastly, there is also a corporate proposal, so you can enjoy the activity with your colleagues during a team-building day.

More information and services

The outings organised by Be Forest are held in Catalan and Spanish, although you can request the service in French and English, provided the group is closed. In this case, you'll need to make the request in advance.

To finish, although the activity might involve walking through forests and woods, Be Forest also offers the activity in easily accessible hill and mountain areas.


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