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Prada de Moles sports centre is located at the southern entrance to the town of Encamp. Offering a range of different facilities, it is the perfect place to enjoy sport within an idyllic natural setting. Although the sports centre is open all year round, it is during the spring and summer months that Prada de Moles really comes into its own: e.g. for football or rugby teams who wish to use it for their pre-season or summer training camps, and for other teams and clubs who are looking to boost their physical and technical performance. Moreover, the mountainous surroundings encourage users to complete their training by going on hikes, or road cycling or mountain biking excursions.

Prada de Moles is centrally located in the popular tourist destination of the parish of Encamp, very near to the Sports and Cultural Centre. This privileged location complements the facility’s sporting attractions, as visitors can enjoy a complete experience with easy access to the various leisure, tourism, sporting and culinary options offered by the parish.


Prada de Moles offers a wide range of facilities, including a latest-generation, multi-purpose artificial pitch suitable for both football and rugby, two tennis courts, and two padel courts.

It also boasts a stand with seating for 660 spectators, meaning that the centre can host official and friendly matches, tournaments, and other activities where fans and family members may need (or wish to be) present.

Last but not least, Prada de Moles has changing rooms and showers, to ensure that the user experience is as comfortable as possible.


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