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Andorra is a small country with an area of 468 km2 located between two borders. This, together with its demography, made up of nationalities from all over the world, and its low crime rate make Andorra one of the safest countries in the world, and that’s not just because we say so! The fact that we have a history of over 740 years of peace and that our police force was incorporated relatively recently also back this up, as well as being confirmed by various international bodies.

However, even though Andorra can boast about being a safe country, the Principality has a police force made up of 300 officers, a fire service spread across 4 parishes and a whole team of special forces who will ensure your safety at all times.

Fire service

Our fire service has a team of well-qualified and trained professionals who strive to provide the best service to the population every day.  Not only do they work in fire preventing and fighting and rescue, they are also qualified in other specialist areas, including mountain rescue.

Established in 1961, the service today has four stations:

Remember as well that in case of emergency, you can call 118 (fire service) or 112 ( mountain emergencies)

Police service

Andorra has always been a very safe country, so much so that it wasn’t until 1931 that it was decided to create a surveillance and security service in the Principality. So, with a team of just over six officers, led by the Veguers (magistrates) and the Batlles (judges) of the time, the first Servei d’Ordre police force in Andorra was formed, until it became the official Police Corps the country has today, going on to report directly to the Government of Andorra in 1993.

Currently, the country benefits from a team of more than 300 officers, 6 police stations across the different parishes and 2 police checkpoints, located respectively at each of the country’s border points:

Also remember that in case of any emergency or need, you can call 110 directly.

Travel to Andorra with complete peace of mind and leave our security forces to ensure the safety of you and your family!

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