Coma de Ransol picnic area, Canillo

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The Coma de Ransol picnic area is located at a strategic spot: at the end of the Ransol road, the CS260, at the 5 km point. This is where you can park your vehicle and start a route through this area of Canillo, which can take you to the Refugi de Jan, the Collada de Jan or the Pic de Mil Menut, among other sites of interest in this high-altitude parish of Andorra. Therefore, before starting or after finishing your walk, this little clearing in the valley provides an unbeatable setting where you can recharge your batteries.

What’s more, the Coma de Ransol picnic area has all the facilities you need: four barbecues, four fixed tables and a fountain. You also have the small river that runs through this area nearby, at 1,950 metres above sea level, a similar altitude to that of the Envalira picnic area.

Before visiting a picnic site, check its status at the tourist information office of the parish in question.

In the event of an incident, call 112.

Finally, we also wanted to let you know that Andorra has more than 50 picnic and snack areas spread across all the parishes. Click on the link below and pick the one you like the look of most!

Check out the state of the country’s picnic areas at this link.

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