Escape rooms that will take you back in time

Escape rooms

Do you like a good challenge? If the answer is yes and you want to put your skills and teamwork to the test, we’ve got just the thing for you! This winter, we’re giving you the opportunity to solve some of our more cultural escape rooms. Put yourselves in the shoes of a king, experience what it would have been like to live and work as a miner or hauler in the 19th century or escape from a secret laboratory. These are just some of the tests for you to overcome... Do you accept the challenge?

Outdoor entertainment

If escape games are fun in their own right, imagine playing one in the great outdoors, in an urban setting or in the middle of the forest, all while immersing yourself in the more cultural  side of Andorra. There are lots of different options.

Andorra Escapeland is a challenge that will put your ingenuity to test through eight games that allow you to discover the country’s geography.  All the games take place outdoors at locations in the seven parishes and at Pas de la Casa. They are based on different themes associated with historical events, curiosities, traditions and local architecture.  In Ordino and La Massana you’ll find four fun and carefully staged events that will transport you to the Andorra of yesteryear. You can choose between being a smuggler in rural Andorra with Sornàs 1930, being King Boris I of Andorra for a while, discovering what lies beneath the life of iron miners and haulers in La Mina or unearthing smugglers’ treasures in La Massana.

Take on the challenge and discover Andorra from a different perspective.

The little ones can take part too!

Just like adults, children also enjoy clue-solving games. Atrapa la Serenalla (Catch the Serenalla Lizard) is a game especially designed to develop little ones’ ingenuity, ability and skill. With the help of an information booklet and using their ingenuity, children will have to solve all the clues and tests they find along the way themselves. The activity is recommended for children aged 5 and above, and is on the interpretative circuit in the Comapedrosa Natural Park, in La Massana. We recommend wearing snow shoes and warm clothes if you’d like to have a go in winter.

That’s not all. Escape Andorra also has a children’s game, ‘Nature Explorers’, with clues to solve. In the game, children help Canòlich look for her lost friend and recover the magic potion he is carrying, whilst also being very careful not to fall into the many traps encountered along the way. You can play the game outdoors or at home.

Indoor escape rooms

If the weather’s not on your side, there are also indoor games to choose from. Combining different themes, levels and styles, you have loads of options to sharpen your wit to escape, overcome obstacles or just survive the adventure offered by the different game areas... Andorra Quest Room, Komnata Quest, Maximum Escape Andorra and many others await. Are you up for the challenge?




Have fun at a museum!

Culture is also fun and the proof is in the pudding when it comes to our museums! Aimed mainly at children, you’ll find various educational workshops, activities and other fun suggestions to help you enjoy Andorra’s museums with children. ‘Abracadabra’, ‘Els museus donen joc’ (Games at the Museum) and ‘l’Objecte intrús’ (The Odd One Out) are just some of the options you can find. You’ll be able to get closer to culture in a fun, easy and enjoyable way. 

The programming of activities is only done in museums managed by the Government of Andorra with the aim of introducing visitors to Andorran culture in a fun way! Find out more here.