Tibetan bridge, Els Cortals d’Encamp

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Set in an easily accessible area in the Baronia zone, this suspension bridge is one of the parish of Encamp’s greatest draws. It lies next to the Encamp climbing centre and the Funicamp cable car halfway station, at Els Cortals d’Encamp.

You can get there either by hiking in the area along a path such as the Bosc del Campeà trail, or by driving to its starting point. If you do go by car, take the main road to the kilometre 8 mark, which is level with the parish climbing centre. The bridge is 400 metres away, towards the Deveses river.

You can simply cross the bridge and leave it at that, or also follow a hiking trail, etc. If you want to experience an even greater adrenalin rush, one of the most fun and challenging vie ferrate, Els Clots de l’Aspra, is just a few yards away. This is catalogued as an easy route and is therefore perfect for everyone seeking an extra thrill. Along the way there is also a suspension bridge that, albeit just 2 metres long, will put your courage and confidence to the test.

Lastly, given its short length of slightly under 50 metres and height of just a little over 4-5 metres above the ground, it is a perfect place to visit with the family.

What about you? Have you crossed it yet?

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